Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage?

For this I do support same sex marriage as I am not gay i don’t mind same sex marriage at all as long the same sex as me does not like me.  You could be you don’t let anyone in your way.  Same sex marriage is not bad its just the same sex liking each other.  As long as the same sex does not like me i am fine.  People will over reacted about same sex marriage and It’s their opinion to be upset about it but they are getting a little upset about it but they shouldn’t.  They are also people and they will do what they want to do.  Some people will say same sex marriage is not right but it’s fine as long as they are happy to be with that person.  You will be you and if they are happy that’s fine don’t be so butt hurt if they like the same sex.  They have the freedom to like the same sex and let them like that person you can’t force them to like someone else that is the different sex.  So this is end of my summarize let people be if they want to have the same sex marriage it’s just like real life, they are getting married.

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